Evocative visual storytelling.

Seeing is more than believing. Seeing facilitates communication. It incites better decision-making. It gives the power to anticipate and solve problems before they rear their ugly heads.

Founded in 2002 by Ron Frankel, Proof is dedicated to providing the highest quality visualization services for the feature film and immersive entertainment industries. From the earliest days of development to the final hours of delivery, our talented artists help clients tell their stories and realize their visions. We do it by combining our expertise in visual storytelling with our years of experience working alongside some of the finest talent from the worlds of entertainment, art, and architecture.

Whether it’s a major motion picture, a large scale multi-media installation, a commercial or a concert our balanced mix of visual artistry and technical skill ensures that our work is as accurate as it is evocative. Seeing is more than believing. Seeing is Proof.


Previs is a collaborative process that uses 3D animation software and realtime computer graphics to generate a preliminary version or visual prototype of an idea. It provides a virtual space within which the decision-makers can explore new ideas, plan technical solutions and communicate a shared vision to the entire production team.

Every project is unique, with its own story and its own creative and technical challenges. Our approach to every project is unique as well, tailored to the specific needs and personalities of the production. Good Previs is fine, but great Previs can tap into the creative wellspring and draw out inspired ideas. And that is exactly what our artists are trained to do. We bring an unparalleled level of expertise and artistry to our work, enabling us to be an integral and indispensable part of the creative team.


We strive for accuracy in all of our work but there are times when what’s needed is precision. That’s when Techvis comes in. We data-mine our Previs to extract critical information about speeds, distances, positions, and accelerations. We even add “behind-the-scenes” equipment and mechanical components. That information is communicated to the production through keyframes, dimensioned diagrams, analytic animations, and data exports used to program motion control and robotic equipment.

Techvis is like a recipe for a delicious meal. The Previs contains all of the ingredients, but the Techvis is how we communicate the precise amounts and detailed instructions so those exact same results can be achieved in the real world. The art of Techvis is understanding what information is needed and knowing how to deliver it quickly, clearly and efficiently.


Postvis is a creative process where filmmakers can direct the parts of the film that were not captured during photography because they were either impractical or impossible to get in camera. These sequences can be a challenge to edit because most of what is supposed to be there simply does not exist yet. During Postvis, CG elements are combined with production photography to validate footage, to provide placeholder visual effects shots and to refine visual effects design. Edits incorporating Postvis are often shown to test audiences for feedback, and to producers and visual effects vendors for planning and budgeting.

We use Nuke, the industry standard compositing software, for all of our Postvis work. This allows us to package and deliver our files to the final VFX vendor as a jumping-off point for their work. The key to effective Postvis is a team of artists who understand the fundamentals of visual effects production and who excel at creative collaboration and visual storytelling. Our artists are all that, and more.


Years ago Proof transitioned to using Nuke for all of its post-production compositing. We also transitioned to using professional Nuke compositors. That allowed us to spread our wings and offer final VFX services to our clients. What started with a handful of shots on “Fast & Furious 6” became a dozen shots on “Riddick” and then dozens of shots on “The Fate of the Furious” and “Star Trek Beyond” and then hundreds of shots on “Rampage”. Our In-House VFX teams can operate as an extension of our Postvis, or as a stand-alone service. Either way, having a Proof In-House team is a fast, efficient, friendly and cost-effective way to deliver VFX shots.