Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Type – Previs, Stuntvis
Director – David Leitch
Studio – Universal Pictures
Location – London

Fast & Furious and Proof have a history that dates back to 2005, when we went deep into drifting and Japanese car culture. We’ve worked on every installment of the franchise since then, and the first spin-off would be no exception! You want car chases? How about car chases across the rooftops of abandoned Soviet nuclear stations? You like fight scenes? Well, we got a heavyweight triple-threat on the back of a flatbed truck underneath a crumbling chimney stack. Or if chases on foot are more your thing, how about one on foot down the side of a skyscraper?

This was a stunt-heavy production, so in order to best Previs these parts of the film - such as the flatbed fight sequence - we brought our mocap suits to the sound stage, put the stunt guys in ‘em and recorded them doing their thing! Then we exported the data onto our Previs characters and voila! Our hybrid of Stuntvis and Previs was born!

This movie had everything, and it was more fun to do than a big ol’ box of rockets!

Previs Reel

Stuntvis Reel