Type - Previs, Postvis, Techvis
Director - Sam Mendes
Studio - Universal Pictures
Location - London

From the beginning we all sensed that “1917” was going to be something special. An entire film constructed as a single shot following two soldiers across the frontlines of World War II and into enemy territory. Heroic is the only word to describe the story, and the intentions of the filmmakers.

The timing of the actionwould be wholly reliant on the actor’s performances, so Proof adapted our approachand delivered Previs that focused on fundamental issues of shot design and production planning. This technical work led straight into simple, constructive Techvis, providing diagrams of the intended action to help stunts and SFX departments in their work. Finally, we helped out with some Postvis, working with the in-house compcrew to supply temporary CG elements and matchmoves, as well as tracking and comping our own work.

1917 Showreel