The Blacklist

Type – Previs
Creator – Jon Bokenkamp
Studio – Sony
Location – Atlanta

When all TV and film productions were shuttered due to the pandemic, Proof steeled ourselves for a quiet period. But it was not to be, as The Blacklist producers called and asked if it would be possible for us to provide over 20 minutes of broadcast-quality previs (a first, let us assure you!) in six weeks - with artists working from home. They wanted a pulpy 'graphic novel' look, with extreme angles and dutched cameras. Our artists relished the challenge, and not only did we have suitable proprietary toon shaders on hand ready to go, we were able to fully deploy the signature mocap-driven workflow that we developed over the last few years. With three distinct teams handling different sections of the episode, the animated sequences came together so efficiently we were able to surprise the producers with their final wish - lip-sync!